My Emotional and Technical Struggles Creating an iOT Product

It Shall Begin

Creating a viable iOT product is an endeavor that is not an easy under taking.

It all began with an exhilarating euphoria and excitement in the air dreaming and of a what our first Bluetooth product would be.

My friend and I spent countless hours tinkering with Arduino, sensors, mock apps and building, building and more building in his garage.

There was a continuous flow of ideas, concepts, features and discussion….what it should look like?  what will it do?  will it improve peoples lives?  There was an expectation that would everyone  absolutely love what we build with a backdrop feeling and non-relenting fear that what we build would be laughed at and mocked.

It’s Alive

Finally after all the work, burning up PCB’s, ripping up and starting from scratch many, many times, our first creation finally came to life.

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