Can they smell you?

It’s opening day of deer season and you are planning for the big day.

  • Boots – Check
  • Hunter orange – Check
  • Rifle – Check
  • Ammo – Check
  • Thick socks – Check
  • Food and supplies – Check
  • ThermoThink Jacket (Of Course!) – Check

But there is one thing that serious hunters need to add to their checklist……scent control.

Scent elimination technology has come a long way.

We went on the prowl for the best scent sprays that are easy to carry into the field and eliminate that nasty human smell.

Here’s we we found. 

1. Hunt Lab

They say you virtually disappear with this mean, green scent busting machine. There are stories using this product saying deer literally come within feet of you and have no clue you are there! This is one powerful scent control you should consider. At $35 it is one of the more expensive brands, but hey the season is short so give it a shot!








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2. Scent Blocker – Trinity

Coming out of Minnesota, this product was invented in 2013. It uses a special polymeric resin and amazing adsorption kinetics to provide a very light yet powerful combination. An 18oz bottle of this magic will cost you less than $10.

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3. Scent Killer

This list would not be complete without the wildly popular Wildlife Research Scent Killer. It’s scientifically formulated to last longer than other scent eliminator sprays and helps prevent new odors from forming. This is the field tested go to product most hunters use and you can get a whole kit of the stuff for just $25.00 at Cabelas.

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4. Code Blue

This is a personal favorite. Code Blue has an abundance of amazing products including Code Blue, Code Red and new synthetics. We have personally used the Code Blue Aerosol spray deer hunting and found it was a truly amazing product. Code Blue was skillfully crafted with medical-grade silver nanoparticles designed to eliminate 99.9% of all odor causing bacteria.  At only $10 for a spray bottle you can’t go wrong.

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Those are the top 4 scent control sprays utilizing new technology we found with super high ratings. Spray some of these on your ThermoThink jacket this next season to disappear and get that trophy buck!

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